03 December 2012

Riggs is walking...
This is to document my little freak of nature, who started walking at 8 months and 10 days.  I feel like Riggs is growing up way too fast.  Seriously, what is the rush?
And if you wanna see some real talent?  Here's Riggs walking in his sleep sack. tricky tricky. 

18 November 2012

 Riggs at 8 months

Riggs is 8 and a half months old. It's hard to believe he's almost as old as it took to grow him.  I felt like I was pregnant for 3 years, but the last 8 months has flown by.  Riggins hasn't been "my baby" in a long time.  He's already walking and eating finger foods with his 5 teeth.  He stopped breastfeeding soon after I started nursing school.  I would have to put him in a headlock to nurse and he would scream and bite me so I just said, you win, here's a bottle.  Enjoy your $3 bottle of formula. 
He walks around the house all day saying "da-da.  da-da" a million times over and over (which makes me die a little inside).  Once a month he'll make a sound that resembles "mama"  and it's my favorite thing in the world.  He can give high fives and kisses, but  of course, he is stingy with the kisses. 
He's a terrible sleeper.  He still wakes up at least three times a night.  It's the worst.  The minute his slumber is disturbed, his eyes pop open and he sits up.  Then he stands up in his crib and screams for someone to come in to hush his magesty back to sleep.  It is rough on both Tyler and I.  If he keeps it up, he is going to be an only child. 

Even though he'll have terrible sleep night after night, he is still the happiest baby all day long.  He goes to a sitter three days a week and they all say he is so happy and smiley every time.  He started smiling at 3 weeks and hasn't stopped.  The number one comment we get from passer-byers is, "what a happy guy!"  He's such a little Tyler. 
Here's his monthly tree stump mug shots... 
1 month               2 months               3 months              4 months
5 months               6 months               7 months              8 months

28 October 2012

Family Pictures 
october 2012
My amazing, talented friend Cherie took our pictures a few weeks ago.  I can't believe how they turned out.  She has finally made it in the photog world.  I remember last year she called me to see if I wanted to take an online photography class with her... I was all, sounds fun, but I'm way too busy.  Then bam, flash forward a year and her pictures are incredible. Awe man, I shoulda taken that class with her... So if you are in the area and want some bomb pictures taken of you for a very reasonable price, let me know and I'll send you her way.  I posted way too many of these pictures, but there were so many good ones.  Spoiler alert: one of these will be our Christmas card photo, just so you know. 

oh no! Riggs head fell off!



26 October 2012

Condor 25K
Tyler ran a race in honor of his friend that passed away last year. Since becoming a coach he hasn't done much competively, just a few fun runs a year. But every now and again he'll do something like this and totally amaze me. He barely trained for this... and somehow on race day he can pull out the big guns and put the hammer down. He came in 3rd, running 15.5 hilly miles in 1:45.
Seriously, look at all these people... and Tyler got 3rd!  My girls Megan and Cherie are somewhere in the mix too. 

And they're off!  Ty right in the middle of the pic.  No, he's not the grey haired dude in blue...

Tyler made this shirt for the race.  "Dave"  was who the race was in honor of.  Tyler got tons of love for his shirt.  Everybody wanted one. 

Tyler and his studly legs...

Smiling at the finish. 

Biggest fans.
This is the toughest girl I know.  She rocked this race. It almost inspired me to start running again... almost :)
I missed Cherie's finish when Riggs had a meltdown and I needed to run back to the car to get his binky.  If I hadn't had seen this picture later I wouldn't have believed Cherie had just run 15 and a half miles.  She looked completely normal and fresh, exactly the same as when I see her for dinner or bump into her at the grocery store.  unreal. 
Daves's son Eric.  Eric was on Tyler's high school cross country team a few years ago.  He was totally one of Tyler's favorites.  Back then, when he was a much smaller, skinnier runt, he looked just like "yeah-yeah" from Sanlot.

 The scavenger.  Someone's random water cup?  Ill take that.

 I started a little photoshoot with Riggs when we were waiting for Tyler to run.  I totally got distracted and Ty came and went and we missed the chance to cheer for him.  Dang it.  Although... these pictures are pretty cute. 

 I love this little pork chop. 


08 October 2012

lake swim

This is how we do girls night here in Oregon.  Some of the coolest girls I know...